Alexander Technique in Dorset

Jeannette Martin MSTAT

F.M.Alexander Quotes

'you can change everything, whether pysical, mental, or spiritual, into muscular tension'

'change involves carrying out an activity against the habit of life!'



Do you get backache or other aches and pains when gardening?

I have recently aquired acess to an allotment where I find so many ways of using the Alexander technique.

When digging it is so easy to be so preoccupied with the task that it's easy to forget to use your AT 'directions' but what a difference it makes when they are remembered, sending your head forward and away whilst being sure of bending at the hip joints whilst having the thought of lenghthening the spine makes such a difference to a 'bend'!


How do you run? do you feel heavy or light? Enjoyable effortless running is all about being in balance. Where do you feet land? If your leading foot lands out in front of you, you are effectively 'breaking' your leading foot needs to land under your hips/pelvis and then powers you forwards!

Alexander Awareness Week

Awareness week 9th - 15th October 2017, focusing on 'lying in semi-supine' a state of active rest.

Just 10-15minutes a day will allow you to notice your tension which you probably didn't know you had! so then you can learn to release it which could be the cause of those aches and pains.

Creatures of habit!

When learning the Alexander technique we begin to notice our habbitual tension and the ways that we move, for example we can usually recognise someone in the distance just by the way they walk even before you can see their face.  It is the same with our thinking patterns. I have been noticing recently how one thought can  trigger another. When I allow this to happen I am soon 'off' down my'habitual' path